Teresa Vernon

Teresa Vernon is an entrepreneur, she has created several successful business models within food & beverage, as well construction and real estate. Teresa’s experience in catering made running The Mardi Gras School of cooking a natural transition. Although Teresa is not a chef, she does love and appreciate good food.  When Teresa moved to New Orleans in 2010, she fell in love with the city, the people, and the Cajun and Creole food. Before moving to New Orleans Teresa had no appreciation for the Louisiana culture or cuisine, but Chef Bond taught her to appreciate good food and exactly what New Orleans culture was all about. She now owns a historical home in Algiers Point and operates a BnB with The Mardi Gras School of Cooking on-site. It is her mission to show students the Laissez les bons temps rouler attitude of the locals and the love of a preparing a fabulous southern meal for friends and family.

Chef Byron

Byron Bradley

Born in Monroe, Louisiana to be raised in New Orleans surrounded by Creole and Caribbean cultures within my family. After high school I chose to join the military. During these years I was able to learn what my true passions are. I figured the best interest to base your career choices from should be your core interests and passions. I've always loved art in many forms, for example I would collect my mothers Victoria secret books and draw the models. When it comes to food, I always loved experimental cooking and plate presentation. With these examples I constructed a full scale plan for my carrier choices and got out of the military to start. The plan is to establish myself as a chef and artist. I want to start private food clubs as well as be a private chef to elite clientele. In 2015 I won the Chefs Move scholarship presented by Chef John Besh, in which I flew to New York and attended the International Culinary Center and graduated top of the class! I’ve competed in various cooking competitions from St. Pellegrino’s, Almost Famous Chef Competition to the TV show, Chopped. I've also developed several measures to give back to the community someway through each of my respected arts. As a chef I work with different programs at grade schools and colleges to teach our youth about different cultures of food and healthier ways. And as an artist I often donate pieces to charitable events promoting various themes, such as, stop gun violence. I am an investor into the Parisite Skatepark and also the program director for a project designed to paint the entrance to the park. I believe giving back through your crafts are just as important as continuing to learn.



A transplant from Chicago, John F. Kennedy, aka JFK found his way to New Orleans just before Hurricane Katrina. He has worked in several industries; ask him about his diving or bartending adventures. Some years ago JFK was hurt and unable to work and he landed on Chef Bond’s door step. Originally he traded his services for a place to sleep, but is now a crucial part of every class whether he is helping the Chef get the kitchen ready for class or assisting the Chef during class.  He is very much depended upon and appreciated for his hard work and dedication.

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