Imagine yourself a visitor to New Orleans, strolling through the French Quarter or another historic neighborhood and fantasizing about the aromas from the houses you pass. On your travels, you get a glimpse of a private garden from the street, the romance of the setting as heavy as the scent of sweet magnolias in bloom. While enjoying a meal at one of the world-famous restaurants you wonder “do locals prepare food like this?” Now, you can satisfy your curiosity by joining us at the Mardi Gras School of Cooking and stepping through the doors at the Southern Food and Beverage Museum, located in the heart of New Orleans.

Experience the city as one would have experienced it a 100 years ago, preparing traditional and beloved recipes. Come in and relax, get acquainted with your classmates and begin to take your fantasy cooking trip back over a century ago. Wrap an apron around your waist and begin your journey, as you enjoy a day of learning and cooking Cajun and Creole menus. Each guest is shown professional techniques, the secrets of seasonings, and the preparation of selected recipes, while learning the history of Louisiana’s world-famous cuisine. Reservations required. 

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